Bigger Butt & Wider Hips


🔥 5 Best Butt Workouts

Bigger Butt & Wider Hips
Bigger Butt & Wider Hips

Your schedule might be tight, but that doesn’t mean your glutes can’t be tight too. These free online booty workouts range from short (3-minutes) to long and intense (20 minutes), so you can do the one that you have time for on any particular day.

1. 3-Minute Bikini Model Booty Blaster

Short workout features standing moves and plank exercises to target all areas of your rear. The camera angles sometimes do a little too much fitspo focus on her rear, but it’s still a good circuit that will get your butt muscles working. Even if you don’t use ankle weights like she does in the first exercise, you’ll still get a good workout.

2. 5-Minute Booty & Leg Toner

This short, effective workout by DANA LANDGREN is a nice mat series that you can do anywhere with no equipment. You can do it during commercial breaks, in the morning when you wake up, or any time that you have 5 minutes for a little self-care.

Wide Squats– Kim does squats with a wide stance. She also points her toes outward. These 2 key form adjustments help Kim work her butt more, and her legs less. She wants the focus on her butt.

Side Lunges– By taking the strain off her hamstrings, she keeps her legs long and lean. Side lunges are another exercise where your stance determines what part of your lower body gets worked.

3. 10-Minute ‘Kim Kardashian’ Butt Workout

XHIT’s butt workout has a mix of bridge, squat and plank variations with some cardio elements thrown in. It’s a killer workout that has even the super-fit trainer who’s demonstrating the exercises breathing hard.

Lunge & Twist– Again, Gunnar Peterson wants to put the emphasis on working Kim Kardashian’s butt. To do so, he makes sure she takes long strides. The longer the stride, the more likely you are to work your glutes.

Mountain Climbers– Remember to count 12 reps for each leg. Otherwise, you’ll end up only doing half!

4. 15-minute ‘Super Easy’ Workout

The perky and motivating exercises, demonstrating the routine actually keeps you going through the 15 minutes, and there are excellent parts of active stretching built into the workout. This includes not just the traditional squat and lunge moves

5. 20-minute ‘I Love My Butt’ Workout

This intense butt and thigh workout video includes skater hops, leg lifts and some creative lunges. When you have more time to work on your lower body, give this workout routine a try.

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